Hey, If You Are Going to Steal Something…Why Not Chocolate?

Posted: March 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

As I unpacked the items I had bought at Family Dollar, I realized that two packages of poster board were stuck together. After checking the receipt, I told Livvy to put a package on the table so we could take it back to the store.

A little while later, I noticed Livvy with more sheets of poster board than she should have had. After interrogating her, she finally confessed that Pickles (the cat) had opened the package. So, after disciplining her, Livvy and I counted $1.07 in change from her piggy bank so that she could pay for the poster board.

At that moment, a memory came flooding back to me like the tide washing into shore…

…I was cleaning out the back seat of the car when I noticed a wrapper. The wrapper of a Godiva chocolate bar.  Even though I love chocolate, I knew that I had not bought it. Then, it hit me; Livvy must have put it on the counter at Kohl’s as I was paying for her new boots. After checking the receipt, I realized that I had not paid for it.

“Livvy,” I called, “where did this wrapper come from?”

Looking at me with those big brown eyes, she said, “The store.”

“How did you get it from the store?” I asked, not really wanting to know.

“I put the candy bar in my pocket and ate the candy bar on the way home.”

Furious, I discussed the error of her ways and made her get her piggy bank. Together, we counted out enough money to cover the cost of the candy bar.

As we stood in line at Kohl’s., Livvy clung to me. She apologized with tears in those big, brown eyes. “Good,” I thought,”maybe Livvy has learned her lesson.”

As we walked to the front of the store, we passed the Godiva chocolate display.

Livvy looked at me and said,”That sure is good chocolate, Mom!”

  1. Kari Dyer says:

    You’re a good mom. Too many people would have gotten home and thought, “oh well.” I especially like your title and your last line. Both make me laugh. Your post also brought back a memory from when I was a little girl and my mom had told me I could buy a candy bar. I picked out a Butterfinger and off we went through the store to do some more shopping. I got tired of holding my chocolate, so I slipped it into my winter coat’s big pocket. I wasn’t trying to do anything wrong, but I remember my mom’s eyes opening wide when she realized where I had stashed it. Her lecture put the fear of jail in me, that’s for sure!

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