One of Those Mornings…

Posted: March 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

ZZZZZZHHHHHHHHHHHHH…What is that noise, I thought to myself? It needs to stop. So I walked from room to room turning off all the radios. But that noise just wouldn’t stop.

ZZZZZZHHHHHHHHHHHHH…It seemed to grow louder. So I went around to every room again and turned off every radio again. But the noise wouldn’t stop.

Panicking, I ran from room to room. That noise needs to stop.

But, it grew louder and louder…ZZZZZZHHHHHHHH….In desperation, I began to pull the plugs from the walls as I ran from room to room. But the noise would not stop.

Turning over on my side, I looked at the clock radio.

6:35 a.m.


Late for work.

Those are the mornings you just know you should roll over and stay in bed.

  1. Sprice says:

    hey, ever since we lost an hour, I feel that way! Great slice! Enjoyed it! :o)

  2. Deb says:

    I still haven’t caught up from the conference last weekend and the time change!

  3. Sprice says:

    Hope you get a chance to catch up this week! 🙂

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